Saturday, 17 December 2011


N.B. All of the following 8 blogs are because I am reading ‘Do Nothing, Christmas Is Coming’ by Stephen Cottrell, ‘an advent calendar with a difference.’

As climatic a Christmas as the people of Albert Square appear to have year after year, there is one aspect of the show that I do like, (though I never watch it.) They live in community with one another. Everybody knows everybody and their Mum, and very few of the characters spend more time on Facebook that with actual people. Although alas, perhaps that is where the show varies the most from real life.

One thing I love about Christmas is that it gets people together. And I don’t mean together on an online site, I mean in the same room as other people. Sharing and living and talking. It scares me how young people are more than willing to spend hours sharing and updating me with the intimate details of the lives of their favourite TV character, but when I ask them how their week has been they say ‘Alright.’ Young people are losing the ability to have a conversation about themselves with another human being – in person.

We may know the issues and history and background affecting the characters of Eastenders, One Tree Hill, or TOWIE, but we miss when our best friend is struggling, or that family in church are grieving, or that single Dad is overwhelmed by his responsibilities. People can tell me that spending time on Facebook is this generation’s version of ‘socialising’ but I say no. Get off the computer and go and live life with people. Spend time with them. Listen to them. Discover who they really are, not what their profile picture and status says they are. It may well be false.

DNCIC recommendations for today:
·        Do I know my next door neighbour’s name?
·        Do I only ever mix with people like myself?
·        Is there anywhere I go where there are people of other races or religions?
·        Make a pledge to start a conversation with someone you hardly know.

“The lion and the calf may lay down together, but the calf won’t get much sleep.” Woody Allen
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