Thursday, 15 November 2012

Araw 44

Woke at 6am again. Only one week left in Joyland which has been on my mind a lot today. Managed to get 2 paces done today, but in the afternoon Shine had to prepare for something for the education board so I was left in charge again. Most of the kids were pretty good, if not a little whiny, but Fredo blew his chance of swimming on Sunday by being disobedient and rude to me and Teacher Jessa, and Clarke did no work all afternoon. After school we had to go into Silay again to drop off the forms and display boards at the bureau of education, but the printer at Joyland wasn't working so we had  go and print it up the road at the Internet cafe. As we were driving away, I noticed a spelling mistake, so we went back to the Internet cafe to correct it and reprint, meaning we were late to Silay and had to go in search of her. Shine was really annoyed as she'd worked hard on the display and didn't want to disappoint the lady who was like a mother to her.  We found her buying food and gave her a lift home to make up for it.

Back at Joyland we ate our dinner and prayed in each dorm before bed. Randy and Resthor ended up sleeping in my bed which was nice to be close to them with such innocence even though Resthor is 13, and Randy 10. It's a kind of peace and comfort that is hard to share with kids in the UK, because of the fear of abuse. R & R are like my little brothers and I love them with all my heart and I would never intentionally hurt them. 
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