Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Araw 43

Woke at 6am today, giving me slightly more time to prepare myself for breakfast. Feeling very tired from yesterday. School starts with chapel on Wednesdays, so I finally taught the 'you're my rock, my sword, my shield' song that the Joyland kids have been practising for weeks. I also led the devotions about being Salt of the Earth, which takes on a different meaning when most Filipinos are some sort of Christian. Made most of it up on the spot, but seemed to go okay, and I felt more comfortable doing it when Pastor and Mamzet aren't around.

In class Shine has started to make me do the Bible memorisation with the kids, which gives me a chance to get to know their strengths and weaknesses a bit more, and after their behaviour yesterday, they took the chance to redeem themselves. Fredo hadn't memorised the verse so after his 5th try was told to go back to his own office to memorise. For some reason this upset him and he started crying, which I hate. I wrote it in his book and he soon got the hang of it.

I'm still working hard on my Filipino, but there were a lot of new words to memorise, meaning in the whole day I only got 1.5 paces done. After school Shine had to go to Silay so I went along too as we were planning to check out the Sunburst place where I'm taking the kids on Sunday for their Christmas treat; so we told the kids we'd be back late and headed out into the darkening sky and storm clouds. 

Sunburst is cool, a little run down but good enough for swimming. It works out about £50 for all the kids to eat and swim for the day, so I thought that was a pretty good deal. 

After that we had to get some stuff in the market, and I bought some bread for morning tea tomorrow. Shine left the car unlocked, as she said that the parking man would watch it. I was horrified but trusted her judgement and left my bag (minus my wallet, phone and iPod) in the footwell. It was there when we got back, so I guess he did his job. It's a skanky old multicab anyway so doesn't really attract the robbers. 

In Mang-Inasal I was hoping to pick up the wifi but it wasn't working properly so couldn't get a connection. Was a bit gutted as I had a big wait while Shine popped to the drug-store for MJ and could have checked my emails. Never mind. We ate a good meal, and I had 4 cups of rice so that was pretty good.

Headed back to Joyland, and the kids were already in the dorms so we met out the back to pray and say goodnight, before retreating to bed.
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