Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Araw 42

It rained hard again last night so the ground was really wet this morning. Everyone was very slow to get going for school so I think own beds tonight.

At morning tea we said goodbye to Pastor and Mamzet who fly to Australia for 3 months tonight. They don't get back till the end of January so the kids and Shine will be alone for Christmas.

Back in the classroom Shine wasn't feeling too good so left me in charge of the class, and oh how havoc reigned!! They were all playing, claiming to have done their work when they actually hadn't done much at all, Sophia threw a strop when I asked her to do some of her Maths, Renzo disappeared every time I asked for his goal sheet, Clarke kept talking, Fredo did very little and all in all it was extremely hard for me to do any study of my own, and I was extremely grateful when the bell rang.

Lunch was fried egg with rice, soy sauce and calamansi. The kids were having bony fish again, so they'd cooked me some eggs, bless them. Was delicious, and I ate 3 cups of rice with my soy and calamansi. 

After lunch Shine still wasn't feelin well so I was semi-in charge, along with teacher Jessa. Shekinah had also finished all her goals so she came in to help. It was the most manic 2 hours of my life. Clarke did no work, Renzo kept talking, Fredo hadn't remembered any of his pace so kept asking me for the answer, and after resorting to messin around was stood up, which didn't stop his misbehaviour, Mikela and Fredo came in from lunch muddy and had to change, Sophia wet herself and had to change, Bobby was being annoyed by Christina, Marites signed her own goal sheet... It was a nightmare. I'm surprised I managed to do any work at all, but as soon as the bell ring for end of school I was out of there. Needed a lay down in the dorm to get over it, and after dinner went straight back to the dorm to get ready for bed.
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