Sunday, 11 November 2012

Araw 40

When I woke up this morning most of the boys were gathered around mine and Resthors bed. I think JM fell asleep on my bed, but that's okay. It's a feeling of closeness and love that the boys crave- I bet very few of them had their own beds before coming to Joyland.

Breakfast was fried rice with sardines n egg. It's not my favourite meal, so I picked out the egg and left the rest. Everyone started to get ready for church, and the rain also started again. It got heavier over the course of the morning, so by the time it came for church, the roads were already flooded. We braved it though, Mamzet and Pastor staying behind as the guard did not arrive and someone needed to stay at Joyland.

Church was long and the Internet was not working so it felt even longer. Pastora Berlita preached mostly in Illongo, so it was hard for me to follow along, though I got the gist of what it was about.

After church the older ones were in the multi-cab and stopped by the market for sugar, so I jumped out and bought bread for the older ones who hadn't got a snack in Sunday school, and some lotion for the older girls. On the way back to Joyland it was still raining heavily so we all got soaked, me especially, as I had my back against the cover to keep it shut. It's so hot here, but surprisingly cool when the rain starts to fall.

During lunch we chatted about Sheena going, talking about who would do what jobs etc. Everyone said some words to Sheena about how much they love her/ will miss her, some more serious than others. Afterwards we prayed for her, said goodbye and then she left. I ended up crying again, probably because I haven't seen any of the kids that have left Joyland and I will be gutted to miss her. Thankfully she has Facebook and a phone, which makes it easier to keep her on my radar.

After lunch I relaxed in the boys dorm until Pastor wanted to go to Richmond Inn, and wanted me to go with him to show him how to manage some stuff on Facebook. especially on the newly set up Joyland page. I got a chance to FaceTime Dave though which was great. It's been a while. 

We got back just in time for dinner, prayed and headed to bed. The boys spent a while playing game on my iPod and phone and eventually settled into bed.
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