Tuesday, 8 April 2008


N.B. Arrived in Manila. Current location: Mall of Asia. (Apologies for the Jargon.)

I'm fairly tired, but becoming accustomed to the idea of spending my last week in the Philippines in Manila, Luzon. I enjoyed the last week, and was sad to leave Negros, but each ending brings a new beginning - and I have no reason not to believe that this week in Manila will be every bit as good as last week on Negros. Life is a journey, you know? You have to travel it to get the real experience. And I know sometimes it's scary, and sometimes it's hard, but at other times it's just brilliant!

The small things in life overwhelm me sometimes to the point of tears. But that's life, you know - you have to go with the flow and get on with what life throws at you. You cannot dwell on what is past, though the shadows sometimes creep up on you, you must live for the moment, the ever present Spirit that moves within you, stirring up emotions that make you cry and laugh and want to get out and fight the world! Fight the injustice! Heal the sick and feed the hungry - love the children that are the Children of God, love the children who don't know they are! That's what living life is about. Being a change in the world. Being different to every selfish Westerner that fails to look into these peoples eyes - like the frail beings that we once were. What other duties in life are there?

Life is short, we are a mere breath in the eternal lifespan of God, and if we blink, if we take our eyes from Him, even if just for a second, we could miss out on the most amazing thing to happen in all history of man. So we cannot afford to spare one moment complaining about circumstances beyond our control. God's got it in hand you know - He can do anything and everything that He wishes to!

Saying that, I myself have wasted many a long night fretting over who I was and where my destiny lay - the future is an awfully scary place, and so too, the past: a graveyard of living skeletons that are ready to drag any unsuspecting victim to join them in the shadows. That is why we must be alert to the workings of the evil one, and not allow him to get a foothold in our lives.

We must surround ourselves in humble grace, and love for our neighbours (that is those we come into contact with each day) so that we do not become beings of a selfish nature, but rather, beings of light and hope for those in dark existence, Bearers of the life that comes from a faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, a faith that is alive and burning, spreading like wildfire among our family, friends and those whom we meet, those whom God has sent our way so that they might be saved!

And of course, none of us are perfect. That is why we must all keep our eyes on the goal, the Mighty Saviour who redeems us in the darkness and brings us out into the light!
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