Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Today has been exhausting - but has allowed me to reach the conclusion that nothing will ever surprise me again. I have seen poverty and human degradation to the point that it makes me sick. It tears at my heart. And yet I have also seen a heart fulfilled, alive with the passion of Christ, the love for a life like Jesus. Smiles that warm my heart.

Today we were building at Payatas Youth Center - a place where a simple few square feet of concrete satisfies them. How much do we take for granted in a world when so much is surplass? It's ridiculous. I am so angry at so many things now - righteously angry at what I cannot change. I have been feeling so emotionally drained, and having dreams about falling which keep waking me up.

How can this life be so? That I should have so much, and others so little? That the world should carry on as if these people do not matter?
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