Saturday, 5 April 2008


N.B. It's amazing really, how anyone can spend time in a place like this and NOT see God. It's astounding, breathtaking. And even hardr to think that it's not going to last. This time will end, just as all things in life end. And then only one thing will remain. Everyone has a choice to make. To be in the world, or of the world.

The sun dazzles on the sea, the boats litter the harbour, bobbing in the gentle waves as they rush to shore. What a beautiful sight! Strangely, I feel horribly lonely, as if life could be so much better. I know I have a lot of things to let go, old grievances that are taking time to wash away. And sometimes as the tide washes one thing away, it leaves behind another. I know my journey is only beginning, and that I have many things to still discover. Wonderful things that the Lord is holding back until I am ready. I just have to wait.
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