Sunday, 7 October 2012

Araw 5

Today I needed some rest - I'm not feeling the best and it's taking me a while to adjust to the heat and humidity. I went with Des to the Veg shop, and couldn't believe how many flies there were. The meat around here is nearly always out on display in the stalls, despite the heat, so you have to be so careful cooking it. Des was teaching me how to prepare and make Chop Soy, which is basically lots of vegetables cooked in vinegar and soy sauce. 

I rested again in the afternoon and then this evening we all went to church. Des and JR attend a large Catholic church. The entire service was in Filipino, so it was an interesting service, to say the least. I didn't know any of the songs, but followed Des and JR's lead in when to recite, sit, kneel or stand. Even though I'm always being looked at, it was the first time I felt uncomfortable. There was a few kids a few rows in front of me who kept turning round and looking at me. I guess it would have been a strange sight - a pale, youngish female (unaccompanied by a white man) attending a Filipino-speaking church. Not exactly something that happens every day. After the service, we took Paul (Des' son) up to the Father for a blessing. On the way out, Des lit some candles for various prayer requests, and we got a Tricycle back to Dahlia.

Back at Des', Dang, Lhiz and Reymond came over for dinner, so we had lots of joking around until it was time for them to go. Outside, it was raining heavily and there was loads of lightening. This evening, Sharmaine, me and Nicki slept on the double bed, and JR, Des and Paul on the floor. Family living. :)
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