Saturday, 6 October 2012

Araw 4

Today we went to Moa for a GK Expo with the Human Nature team today. The journey was nearly 2 hours on jeepneys, and the MRT but it was really good. The whole thing was about Filipino businesses that exist to aid the Poor, and there were some really good initiatives going on. People here are so resourceful. The last guy up was Dylan Wilk, a guy that everyone keeps talking about: he's one of the presidents of Human Nature, and married to Tony Meloto's daughter. He's British, but loves the Philippines and Filipino's. Whoop Whoop! He gave a really moving speech about how important it is to treat people like people in business, rather than collateral or as a means to an end. He also talked about Filipino's as being people of worth - just as worthwhile as English or American or Japanese. Sadly, it seemed as if every person in the room really needed to hear somebody say that. I made it my mission to somehow show every Filipino that I met how amazing and special they are. After his speech he invited all the Human Nature employees up onto the stage, and I was beaming with pride as I knew a good number of them. (And had made friends with a fair few during the journey there.)

After the Expo, we went to Jolibee's for lunch and then headed to Trinoma so Des could do some work. She works for Human Nature too, but her role is to visit each of the Beauty Bar's that stock HN products and take an inventory of what they have, as well as tidying the HN stand and promoting the products. Human Nature's strapline is : Pro Philippines, Pro Poor, Pro Environment. All of their products are made by poor Filipino farmers, and are 100% natural. They have some really nice stuff.

At Trinoma I wandered round the Mall and bought some books about living as a true Christian and helping the poor. Back at the Human Nature main store, I sat down to read some while Des wrote her weekly report. Home, dinner and bed. It's been a long day but I've had so much fun, can't believe I've only been here three days, it feels like forever.
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