Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Araw 1

Flight QR076 to Doha. Seat 11A.
Boarding: 2.30pm.
Take-Off: 4.00pm.

Journey up to London was pretty easy going. Dave came with me. We grabbed something to drink in the airport, but I had to say goodbye and head through security as they seemed to be calling people to the gate really early. I can do airport security blindfolded nowadays. I've done it on my own so many times. Seems strange, 5 years ago, I was barely able to get the train alone, let alone fly half-way around the world.

On the plane. It's really hot in here. I'm sat behind some passengers with a young child, who seems to scream a lot. I really hope he doesn't do that all the way to Doha. Not that I'd notice so much, I'm so excited that I'm finally on the way. It's come around quick. The in-flight entertainment loots pretty good: Dark Shadows, MIB 3, Good Will Hunting, Moonrise Kingdom, etc...

Take off was delayed. Apparently there is a critically ill baby on board flying home to Qatar with their parents. They have medical escort so I guess they needed to make sure everything was stable before take-off. It all seemed to go smoothly once we hit the run-way anyway. All good.

It's strange how toy-like the world looks from up here. How vast and glorious the British landscape looks. Miles and miles of interwoven roads and towns, surrounded by fields and trees. Flying into a cloud now...

I've spent a long time on the flight thinking about Dave. A few people have questioned my decision to go out with him, perhaps because I took so long to give in. All I know is that my heart feels content when he is around, and I shall really miss him over the next few months. I kinda wish he was coming with me, could share this experience with me, but it wasn't possible.  We're only a few minutes away from landing now. See you on the ground.

Brief moments in Doha airport - then swiftly back through Gate 17/19 to board the shuttle bus. Back on another plane, Seat 11A again. A long 9 hour flight ahead of me, but for some reason, whenever I am surrounded by Filipino's, (as I am now) I feel as if I am amongst friends. :)
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