Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Divine Hugs

It's 9.30am on a Tuesday and already you're feeling pulled in a million different directions. Then it's Tuesday evening, and the busy day has faded into memories and smiles. Soon it's 2am but there's still no chance of sleep. Wednesday morning is filled with expectations - there is so much to do. But the weather is looking good and the day goes well, filled with conversation and the building of friendships. But eventually everyone else goes home, and you have to finish this work that you started some hours before. At 6pm it starts to rain, and all of a sudden that tape that is holding your life together starts to rip, and gradually, gradually, the tears begin to flow. You find yourself looking through photo's of years gone by, and suddenly the people that are missing in your life seem so far away. You realise that you didn't see the time slipping through your fingers.
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