Saturday, 27 June 2009

Na Bata

N.B. They do say to never work with kids or animals, well, I disagree wholeheartedly!

Kids Klub on Monday was brilliant. We did the usual things, free play at the beginning, and then we all traped upstairs for the Bible story and prayer time, which is always really good because the kids are so enthusiastic and excited about the things we do. It's great.

So, we did the story of Ehud the judge and King Eglon, (Jo of course, playing the part of the fat king) and then we had prayer, and went downstairs to decorate some biscuits. Anyway, this particular Monday we had decided to give a children's Bible to all of the kids who didn't already own one.

So they're all queuing up to collect their Bible, and I'm writing their names in them, and one of the kids asks me if they can read it. I reply that they can! They ask me if they can read it right that second. I again, replied that they could. So they do. And then a few more of the kids come out of the hall where they have been playing and retrieve the bible that they had put with their coats ready to go home.

After all the Bible's have been signed, it's nearly home time so I walk back into the Main Hall to call the kids together, and there they all are, sitting along the window sill in a line, reading their new Bibles. About 15 of them! I wish I had got a picture cause it was the coolest thing ever!

When the parents arrived, lots of the kids ran excitedly out to their parents to show them their NEW BIBLE that was just for them. They were so excited, bless them. It was such a blessing to see and hear. Especially as I spend a vast majority of my time persuading and coaxing my young people into just picking up their Bibles!

So yes. This was my smiling moment of the week.
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