Friday, 28 November 2008


N.B. *Contains strong opinions* Anyone else been watching 'I'm A Celebrity...'? Normally I quite enjoy watching it, but this series of Celebrities are really beginning to grind my teeth.

There are not many things that really anger me, but this one really has created such a deep sense of injustice and annoyance that it's being embedded in my stomach right now. Sitting down to watch TV this evening, I ended up watching 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' and was watching the way the celebrities constantly complained of hunger and not having enough to eat. And to be honest, I was quite glad. Maybe after experiencing it for themselves, they might be more wary of so many of the world that experience that everyday, without the thought that it'll all be over in a few weeks.

However, nothing annoyed me more than hearing David Van Day moan on and on about not have cake or champagne for his birthday, and how no-one seemed to care that it was his birthday. He got all annoyed because Brian and Esther didn't destroy 1000 potatoes to win a luxury box - they said they didn't do it because it was wasteful of the potatoes. He said that they obviously didn't care it was his birthday and had a little tantrum. Just shut up! No, I don't care that it's your birthday, because you're not that special, so get over yourself! Eurgh! That annoyed me.

Why does nobody seem to care? Why are people so immune to the suffering that goes on day after day after day? Why is it that massive things, like the Tsunami and 9/11 get so much media coverage, but everyday death and starvation and suffering go unnoticed? Won't anybody listen?
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