Monday, 9 June 2008


N.B. Please take no notice of the complete insanity of this entry. I'm crazy... its pretty much a given these days.

And so I am suspended, neither here nor there, consumed by the vacuum that engulfs me and strands me between these two states of being. When the darkness comes, slowly and steadily, it drowns me, casting my entire being to the depths. And yet, there is no struggle that occurs within me, no request for love nor light. It has become orthodox, the expected emotional state of such like me. I have no place nor purpose to fill, no time nor niche to conquer. Nay, t'is nothing but a perennial existence, forged upon the very state of being.

Can you hear me out there? Do my cries rock your cosmic duration to the very core? Or might'nt my thoughts turn to death without a speck of dust falling upon your menial lives. Every corner of my being longs to acquiesce your every desire, but I remain suspended here, unable to move, failing every glance as the tears slowly devour me, smothering any self-respect I had left. This is all that becomes of me now, a slave to the dark misty waters, helpless as the water slips into my lungs and fills me from within. And as the blood boils from my veins and overspills, spreading deep red shadows out across the evening scene, I fade, further and further into the cloudy void where I remain.