Saturday, 17 May 2008


N.B. Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote a remotely interesting blog. I guess the Philippines took all the blogginess out of me.

The summer is aloof! (Although, thats a rather hard thing to say sitting here watching the heavens opening over Southend this morning.) My favourite time of the year. Summer holidays. Soul Survivor, Church camping, Faith Camp, Holiday club, days spent lounging around at King Georges, quality time spent with friends, family. I just love it!

Last weekend I helped out at a church weekend at Letton Hall and I preached for the first time! It was amazing. (Not my preaching... the fact that I did it!) As I spent the weekend with the youth, I realised how amazing every single one of them was. We shared stories, we shared experiences, and I learnt a bit about how each and every one of them had come to the place where they were today.

At the end of the weekend, I was sad to leave those teenagers and think that it'd probably be a fairly long time before I saw them again. But then I thought about the young people that I get to work with every week in my church, and how vastly different and equally special each of them are to me. And that got me oh-so-mega-excited!

We recently started Youth Alpha, and have seven young people in regular attendance. That's seven people on their way back home! I have a group of about 15 that alternate their attendance to youth club. I have nearly a regular twelve on a Sunday morning. Each of those is a life that I have invested time and energy into. Each of those is a teenager whom I have a relationship with. That's proper awesome! Over the last few weeks, I have been having idea after idea after idea about what I can do to get these teenagers digging into Christianity. In some cases, I have to do a lot more persuading than others. But I care deeply about each and every one of them. And things are finally beginning to take off it seems!

So if you see me about with a smile on my face. This is why! I have the most amazing God, who has given me the most amazing job! I get to work with these teenagers and children, and hundreds more like them throughout the year, that are learning a bit about the most awesome God to whom I have given my life. ROCK ON people!!
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