Saturday, 1 March 2008


About a year ago, I posted this list of things I wanted to do with my life, and said that I wanted to have achieved at least 5 of them by the time the year was up. Now that I look back at the list, I see how much I have changed in the last year or so. Its pretty scary actually. But I can now be glad of the things that I set out to achieve and have actually managed to do so. *sigh*

The List...
~ Write a song that actually means something.
~ Spend time working with orphans or street children.
~ Spend time fasting and then donate the money to charity.
~ Affect someone's life in a positive way.
~ Give some more time to those who really need it.
~ Pray more for my friends.
~ Have an actual time of being with God.
~ Feel good about the person I am.
~ Stop taking things out on myself
~ Be grateful for what I have.
~ Learn to get on with my family.
~ Learn to forgive people without holding grudges.
~ Talk to more people about God in a way they will understand.
~ Be a good example to my non-christian friends.
~ Accept people for who they are, and not what I want them to be.
~ Have a conversation about next year without getting upset or scared.
~ Be more diplomatic when discussing with people.
~ Read the bible more than once a week, when forced.
~ Pray more than once a week, when forced.
~ Live a week without wanting to be with a boy.
~ Not look for the negative in situations.
~ Give more time to helping the poor and needy.
~ Find a way to make my parents get on.
~ Make my mum happy/proud.
~ Accept forgiveness.
~ Be less judgemental.
~ Accept compliments and praise, and believe them.
~ Love, unconditionally.
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