Thursday, 14 February 2008


N.B. I'm not a great fan of Valentines day, due to the way the restaurants hike up prices for meals strung with red decorations and heart shape steaks, and how everyone gets depressed if they haven't got a partner... but if a guy wants to be romantic right now, I may just give him the time of day.

So it's Valentines Day. And I'm in, with Shmoozles (otherwise known as Susie) watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Its been a good eve so far, and as soon as I get my butt of this laptop I'm sure hilarity will ensue. (If last year's events are anything to go by....) I love spending Valentine's with friends. Probably much more so than if I (in the future) were to spend it with a boyfriend/fiance/husband. Because my friends mean the world to me, and to spend special time with them is all I could ask for, and because I am sure that the relationship with my true friends will last longer than any other kind of relationship. This is why I do not bother to get depressed on Valentines Day. Because even if I don't have a boy/man in my life, I have plenty of friends that make well up for it.

My Lent is still going well, ish. As I have actually found myself being pretty much alone for the majority of the time these last few weeks, so its not been hard to be happy when I get the privelege of spending some time with other human beings. However, tiredness is beginning to take its toll and so the challenge is getting harder. I press on.
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