Monday, 18 February 2008


As I was walking today, it was fairly foggy, and as a result, I could not see anything that was more than a few metres in front of me. Obviously, this was slighty scary and daunting as I did not know how much further ahead each turning or crossing was, or how much further I would just be walking, not knowing where the road ahead led to. However, all this week I have been listening to the Soul Survivor Live CD from 2007 and as I were walking, the words from one of the songs came into my head, and I couldn't then stop singing them until I had reached my destination.

"The road I'm on leads nowhere, without you.
And the life I live finds meaning, in surrender."
'Living For Your Glory' - Tim Hughes

Over the last few weeks, its been such an important message to me, that sometimes I am not going to know about what lays ahead in my life, whether that is over the next week, month or year, but it is so important for me to realise that God is going to be there no matter what, and even though I may be scared or worried or anxious, I should remain close to God and trust that he has it all in hand. My assembly is tomorrow. I am so nervous, but I know that I cannot do it without God's help. Everyone is praying, because it is outside of my strength and skills - whatever happens tomorrow, happens because God made it so.

And in general, what a lovely reminder that although sometimes we are unable to see the road ahead, God knows it. He knows the path he has set before us, the path that is right and true, and then, whether we choose to follow that path, with God's help, is up to us. I have no doubt that God has something exciting planned for me over the next few years, and whether that is here in Southend doing youth work, or somewhere else, doing something else, I am choosing to submit myself to the will of God.
I leave you with some lyrics from one of the songs I heard the first time I went to Soul Survivor:

"We must go, live to feed the hungry
Stand beside the broken, we must go
Stepping forward, keep us from just singing
Move us into action, we must go."
'God of Justice (We Must Go) - Tim Hughes
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