Friday, 29 February 2008


N.B. Jess' 18th birthday party was awesome. Can't believe they didn't play Britney's new song though... :(

I don't go out to parties very often. Even more so since I moved to Southend. But last night, as I happened to be in Brentwood, I went along to one of my best friends 18th birthday party. I wasn't feeling too good about going, but after much persuasion from Rachael, I went along, and actually had a really good time, and Jess was really thankful that I'd actually made it.

I always said I'm not a party kinda person, and I don't dance either (despite being forced along to dance lessons by my mother for 5 years.) It's in that kinda situation that I generally feel extra self-conscious, especially as I'm normally the only girl wearing jeans. But, I duno. As the night went on, I found myself caring less and less about what other people were thinking of me (and that wasn't because I was drunk because I wasn't.) I didn't know half of them anyways. I was with some people that I've missed so much since moving away, and I got the chance to have a laugh and enjoy myself with them. And yeah sure, I probably looked like a right donkey trying to dance, but hey. I don't care. I had fun. Besides, it wasn't me that everyone was looking at....
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