Saturday, 5 January 2008


N.B. This is my new about me on MySpace. Its all good. It's my new philosophy in life. Cause I believe that no matter who you are, or what you do, there are some things in life that you can't change. Things that money and power cannot affect. And the only way you can deal with that is by accepting it. Sometimes, life is hard. But you can't let it drag you down. I have, for many years. But I am beginning to realise now that the only thing I need is to be loved by God. Nothing else.

My life so far has been a learning curve; the things I have been through shape me into who I was always suppposed to be. I know the future is better than the past, because I trust that my life is in God's hands. I have learnt many hard lessons in life, because things happen that you can't control and things happen that you can't change. But you have to look ahead to where the light is shining, not behind you to where the shadow falls. You must learn to love other people, and love them dearly, putting their needs above your own. You mustn't be afraid to laugh at yourself, or smile when no-one is looking. Watch the sun as it rises, and wish it goodnight as it sets; let your hair loose in the summer breeze, and lay peacefully in green fields. Let the world revolve around you, taste the salt of tears on your lips, and when you hold a sleeping child in your arms, realise that you are completely accepted.

The world is constantly changing. And we are all changing too. I have started a journey that will last me my entire life, and its the best journey ever. Because, life may not always be easy, and I may not always be able to see the road ahead, but I know that I trust in the amazing grace that comes from my Lord, and I will always be safe, and I will always be loved. And thats all anyone ever wants, isn't it?
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