Saturday, 26 January 2008


N.B. I have been meaning to write this ever since the service on Hope 08 on the 30th December. I guess now seems the right time to actually say something.

So I've realised, that all too often in life there are things that happen that can get us down, dampen our spirit, and make us feel like the world is coming to an end. And often, it is when those things are going on, that we forget about the one thing that will banish the darkness from our days. We seek to find the things that are going wrong, and forget to cherish the gems that come into our lives, blessings from God that are cast aside because we are having a bad day, week or month.

This is the year of Hope, right? Hope 2008. The big year for changing the world. It seems like a pretty big task. Where do we even start? There is so much injustice, inequality and hatred that is present in our world today, what could any one person possibly do to change that? How do we, as Christians, seek to shine a light out into the darkness that so many people are consumed by?

Well, we each do our bit. I don't know if you've ever seen the film Evan Almighty but its great. The moral that comes out at the end (yes I am about to spoil it) is that by each person performing one act of random kindness at a time, (ARK) it subsequents that we each change the world. Its a pretty simple method. You could also look at the principle behind Pay It Forward. In both cases, the person wanting to change the world, had the change the lives of those around them first.

We can't do it alone. And so that is how I am going to work through 2008, and beyond. Attempting to change the lives of those around me for the better; everyone I meet, everyone I talk to. Its a pretty big task, when I think about it. I want to become a blessing that shines out to those who are still in the darkness. Cause I know that's a pretty lonely place to be. And I know there is hope, in Jesus.

"And the world keeps spinning, through the darkness towards the light."
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