Saturday, 24 November 2012

Araw 53

Today I decided to keep Des company during work, so we were up at 7.30am for Des's usual working breakfast of Milo and Pandesal. I then get dressed, noticing that te scratch on my right foot is very painful. I worry that it might be ring-worm, after what Shine said about the kids swimming, so put Germolene on it and cover it with a dressing and a sock, deciding to wear trainers instead of slippers. 

It always takes me less time to get ready than Des, as I don't have uniform to iron or make-up to put on, so I pass my time by sitting out the front with Des's Ate, watching the world go by from behind the watermelon stall. Soon we are off in a tricycle, then XT, and finally arrive at Trinoma, the mall that has many Christmas angels and snowflakes everywhere. We then "breakfast" at KFC, before Des heads to take another inventory of stock at Beauty Bar, and I wander around the over-priced and top-brand stores, taking interest in lots and buying little. Usually I ignore the British shops: Debenhams, Topshop, Marks and Spencer's, but today I decide to venture into M&S and finding a lot of English confectionary, I decide to buy Des some real English (ahem, Swiss) chocolate. After that I find a sale in a shoe store so spend half hour browsing and trying to negotiate Filipino-American sizes with my feet. I eventually find a pair of cheap pumps that could replace my current 'posh' shoes, and as I have enjoyed freedom of browsing without being stalked, I decide to buy.

There is nothing more off-putting to a shopper than being followed round the store by a shop assistant who is treating you as though you are an infamous shoplifter. Normally I judge the first 3 minutes, and if they haven't left me alone by then, I leave without buying anything, even if I had originally intended to. 

I browse a few more shops, and spend a good 20mins in a gadget shop, using every inch of will-power I have not to buy all the products in the kitchen department. Most of the stuff is English-expensive, so I leave without regretting any impulse buys. I take my time round all the shops, spending another half-hour in the book and craft store, and visiting at least 3 different floors, before finding somewhere to sit and wait for Des. She now has to remain in the store for 4 hours, and it has only been just over two when I sit and continue reading my kindle book: Nicholas Nickleby. After an hour I need the CR so venture round again, and finding a personalisation store, I decide to use the opportunity to solve the problem of my niece/nephew having unusual names, and spend a while picking out a water bottle for Layla, shoe bag for Noah and luggage tags for all the Wickham kids. When I return to Des she is nearly finished, so I scan BB for some soap and tweezers and soon we are off again.

We get the MRT from North Ave to Cubao. It's not busy so we get a seat, but its only 3 stops so not long before we are back on our feet again. It's about a 15min walk from the MRT station to Eastwood, but I know Des is more tired than me, so I don't complain, and as it is nearly 2.30pm, I treat Des to Mang Inasal for lunch when we get there. 

Eastwood is also celebrating Christmas in a big way, and has a 50ft Christmas tree stationed near the entrance. The plaza area is filled with market stalls, but we hurry past to ensure Des gets to the next store by 3pm.

Once again we part at the entrance and I head off in search of some wifi. Not finding any, and my iPod deciding that it won't connect to the free public wifi, I spend 20 mins searching for somewhere to sit and relax, and eventually find some sofas down a side section of the 3rd floor. I spend 2 hours playing games and reading, and watching various people wandering past, and then go off to find the CR, which I know is next to BB. I pop in and check on Des, and find out what time she has to stay in the store for. 7pm. It is only 5.30pm, so I stay and help Des for a bit, before deciding to plop myself on the very comfy 'waiting sofas' outside the CR and continue reading. Eventually 7pm comes around, and we head back out across the plaza, which is full of people watching some very interestingly dressed human statues pose for photos with children, and past the brightly coloured and lit up Christmas trees, including the big one that is now full of LED splendour, and grab a rush-hour crowded jeepney (or 2) back to Human Nature. It is around 8pm by the time we get there, and we are both tired and achy. Des still has her report to write, so she arranges for Lhiz to bring me home and heads to the office.

We grab a Jeepney and get off at the corner of Dahlia by McDs, and Lhiz wants to treat me to a meal. When we sit down, Lhiz has bought me a chicken rice meal and she is only eating some small fries. She says she is sorry my meal is small but she hasn't been paid yet. I feel guilty that she is only eating chips, and try to offer her some of my rice or chicken. She declines, and says that after she has dropped me off she is going to someone's birthday party. We walk up to Des's, and Lhiz uses the CR and leaves with her friend. I am so tired all I want to do is sleep, so I shower, using my new soap from BB, and get straight into bed, taking care to put anti-mosquito cream all over my legs. I'm already asleep by the time Des and JR come in at 10.30pm.
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