Friday, 16 November 2012

Araw 45

I was working hard this morning to make up for the chaos of the past few days , and thankfully the paces were slightly easier too, meaning I got a few done before lunch. The kids were excitable this afternoon, as Shine had promised them an art session. After lunch they headed off somewhere in Joyland (I stayed in the classroom with Fredo who wasn't allowed any privileges due to his behaviour. When they came back they drew a garden scene on paper, which they would colour next week. Fredo worked hard with me while they were gone, and finished his pace with time to do a PACE test before the bell rang.

Shine was going to Patag tonight with MJ and returning early in the morning to take some of us to the market. With Shine gone Fredo was still misbehaving, so after dinner I called him into the Payag to talk to him before bedtime. I explained that I didn't like being horrible or cross with him, but that when he didn't listen and do as he was told, we didn't always have a choice. I told him I loved him and wanted him to be good so that he could come swimming with us on Sunday. He was very quiet but sat on my lap and I gave him a hug. 

At bedtime I made Fredo sleep in his own bed as a warning and a reminder that he had to behave to receive privileges, but I soon had the other 3 small boys in my bed.
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