Monday, 15 October 2012


Is the church really the church if it builds walls instead of tearing them down; if it builds church halls instead of houses for the poor?

Is the church really without walls if it refuses to support activities that are not on the 'premises', and is it really a family if it doesn't support the struggling congregation down the road?

Is the church really standing and supporting the broken if it writes policies to keep them out?

Is the church really placing children and young people at the centre if it disregards their needs and ignores their presence?

Is the church really walking in the light if it does everything on its own terms rather than Gods?

Is the church really one of truth if it remains blind to the lies presented to them?

Is the church really living the Great Commission if it worships by singing songs but doesn't action the words in their life; is it really worship at all?

Is the church really loving thy neighbour if it prays for itself but not for persecuted brothers and sisters across the world?

Is the church really understanding true religion if it shuns the homeless but glorified the rich; if it spends hours decorating its building and then leaves them to sleep outside in the snow?

Is the church really practising good stewardship if it spends more money on lighting, heating and equipment each year than it does feeding orphans?

Is the church really local if people drive for miles to their favourite 'church'? Is it really global if some congregations are mega-rich whilst others are struggling to feed their families?

Is the church really understanding forgiveness if it banishes leaders and members for their mistakes? If it views some sinners as worse than others?

Is the church really growing spiritually if leaders are 'nice' rather than risk-taking, adventurous, outcast-friendly rebels?

Is the church reading the right Bible if its response to the Gospel message is only to have a cup of tea?

Is the church really going anywhere if on a Sunday most of the congregation are engaging in traditionalism rather than spiritual disciplines? If members are like a man who looks in a mirror and then forgets what he looks like?

Is the church really going to survive if it ignores the heart-felt longings of the young to satisfy the wants of the old? Is it really prepared to become like little children to understand the Kingdom of Heaven?

These are just some questions I have been pondering over, to continue with my personal questioning over whether what many of us call 'church' is really Gods answer to the problems in this world.
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