Thursday, 11 October 2012

Araw 9

Today I rested, and then Kuya Mhel came and picked me up and took me to Tito Lito and Tita Meldy's house. It is in a very posh subdivision, with lots of big houses, and when I saw their house I could not believe how big it is! The downstairs (cellar) is about 15 times the size of Des' entire house. It also has three TV's, air-con, Wii, WiFi, pool table, darts board, mini kitchen, two bathrooms with hot showers, many chairs, dining table - and that is just the basement. It is unreal.

Kuya says that the Fider's are very hospitable. They support PNA a lot and have many people to stay. It is so good to know that there are well-off Filipino's who are still engaged and actively helping the poor, when it could be so easy to cut yourself off from that part of society. Personally though, I am not too sure where I stand. It is nice to stay here and relax, with everything, but it can be very lonely. Des is so friendly, and her generosity means so much more to me because she has less. When I am with her, we share what we have, she with me and me with her, it is not given from the what is left, it involves sacrifice.

Anyways, at dinner I had a chat with the Fider's and they are a genuinely lovely couple, with two kids, both very friendly and welcoming. We had a good chat over dinner about what I loved about the Philippines so much, and I talked to them about my wish to one day build and open an orphanage here. They know someone who runs a street-children project in Manila and said that they would introduce me to him, and perhaps I would be able to visit the project and see what they do. They are two of the friendliest people I have met in the Philippines, and it is great that they are so involved with PNA and are so giving of their time, money and their home. I can tell that knowing them would be really beneficial to get my project off the ground, as they have the right connections.
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