Monday, 8 October 2012

Araw 6

Today I went with Des & Emmy Lou for their work. They go to 'Beauty Bar' in different malls to take inventory's etc. (Emmy Lou is training Des at the moment, so after that Des will do it on her own) This means that I get to sit in air-conned coffee shops in posh malls and use the free WiFi to catch up with England.

We travelled a lot today, and I got to see a lot of Manila, the good and the bad. So many here in poverty; and so many living with wealth and excess. When we were leaving the MRT station there was a small boy asleep on the floor - maybe 6/7 years old. Fast asleep on the stair-well of a busy train station, and hundreds of people just passing him by. I wanted to stop and talk to him but it was so busy we were just pushed along by the crowd. I couldn't get the image of him asleep out of my head all day.

There were many more 'street' children walking around barefoot in tatty clothes outside the MRT stations and hanging around at the Jeepney stops. I wanted to talk to them all, help them all. It brought be  back to reality with a thud, reminded me why I am here after all. There are so many sad sad stories, in a country of such beauty and promise. Things must change.
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