Monday, 24 March 2008


N.B. Don't stand too near a car when someone is jetwashing it - you'll get wet!

So the supposedly white Easter we were getting didn't last did it? Down here in sunny Southend it was more sleet, and the "snow" that fell on Sunday was rubbish. Didn't even settle for a little bit. What a disappointment.

Not that I am that fond of snow anyway. It makes me cold, and I do not like to be cold. So I can't really say that I'll be disappointed to leave behind British weather for two weeks and 3 days. Not in the slightest. Cause that's right, you've guessed it. The Philippines trip is just over the horizon. :D

In the early hours of Friday morning, 9/10 of the English half of the team set off on an adventure. (Jo will have been far-flung for a few days already by then, and the rest of the team are Filipino) An adventure that will challenge us, upset us, and will leave us unable to ever be the same people again. There will be times of excitement, times of anticipation and of course, times of exhaustion; this is not a holiday. Its a chance to change lives, for the better. To have an impact on the world, on the individual worlds of individual people that we will meet and work with. A chance to take Christ to people who don't know where their next meal will come from, or what challenges the next day will bring. And most of all, it will be the chance to experience Christ in a new place, to experience the God that is present amongst suffering and pain, amongst poverty and hunger, and that mourns for those that the world has turned its back against.

Please pray for us all, as we go. There will be lots to do, lots of people to meet, to help and to be helped by. There will be situations when it seems like we are not making a difference, times when we just won't know what to say (well, excluding Jo in that one... ) But there will also many times of sharing, and seeing some fruit of past efforts and work, and continued efforts and work, and moments of complete happiness in the faces of those who notice our love.

This story will continue... so keep watching. And learn with me as I grow, and as I change. Don't be afraid to ask me questions, to experience some of that with me. Sometimes I will be happy to share, and sometimes not quite so. But we will work through that, as it comes. As each challenge rises and falls, as the sun dawns and sets. Tomorrow is a new day. The world is changing.


Keep an eye on The Philippines Blog for all the latest news from the far flung places!
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